Ken Izumi who is Asakusa traditional craftsman teaches the Metalworking class.

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Metalworking Class

Instructor: Ken Izumi
Curricula: Chasing, molding, traditional crafts, wax, dessan, design

For more information, call the studio.

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Course Information

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday / PM14:00-16:00

※In case of cancellation during business trip
(Time is extended by the situation)


Membership ¥10,000
Once a month ¥5,000
Twice a month ¥9,500
Three times a month ¥14,000
Four times a month ¥18,000
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Hands-on Crafts

Fun for all ages.
In a short time you will be able to make a complete piece and take it home the same day.
Participants do not need to bring anything. Just show up and enjoy the act of creation.
(no membership necessary, only reservation)

Forged flat ring ¥5000 one hour
Bangle press ¥8000 90 minutes

Up to ten participants a session
*Reservations are recommended, but participants may join without one if space is available.